‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Nicole Defends Stripping For The Situation (VIDEO)

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Jersey Shore

Apr 26, 4: Pauly D carefully executes a peace offering from both the ladies and all is forgiven. Then the house, minus Deena, go on a good old fashion GTL day. He also whipped back up his fight with Deena.

Apr 05,  · 1. No one from Jersey Shore looks the same on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Plastic surgery is an open conversation, breasts done and then redone, faces lifted into Kardashiana. “Nicole’s.

The college age cast members are known for their funny quotes some around their Italian heritage , comedy, and selling t-shirts they work at a T-Shirts shop. They spend their times going to the dance clubs, gym to workout their bodies and stay in good shape, and perfect their great tans. The best of Season 4 Episode 2 quotes are listed here.

We ended up making out. In the words of Pauly D, this is the best day of my life after Dauly kisses Deena. My game plan is: They always end up having feelings.

The Jersey Shore Smash Board: Who’s Hooked Up With Who?

Atlantic 10 Best Beach Towns on the Jersey Shore Home to America’s first seaside resort, this storied shoreline is also home to stunning beaches, historic enclaves, and old-fashioned fun. Meet the 10 towns that will make you a Jersey Shore convert if you’re not one already. More 1 of 21 Photo: Suddenly the road drops low and flat, kissed on either side by grassy marsh, while the wide-open sky blurs into a watery horizon.

It was the smush heard around the world. On the latest episode of the Jersey Shore, we all saw Vinny and Angelina hookup following a night of drinking and clubbing.. The hook-up was shocking.

What was the most batshit insane moment to ever happen on Jersey Shore? Or at least the 21st century. It inspired us all to wear Snooki poofs and say DTF and communicate with our friends via anonymous notes. But, it was a show of really high highs think: Some super fucked up stuff happened on Jersey Shore. I am percent sure that it wouldn’t be made in But its shitty moments are really what made it…so fucking enticing and so fucking important.

What was the worst thing that happened in the entire show? Here are our candidates: Snooki gets punched at the bar by a dude Watching some guy punch Snooki in the face rewind after rewind was pretty insane, especially because she didn’t do anything to deserve it. Like, what was up with this guy? Was he so fucked up he wanted to go around clocking girls or was he just reeeally mad?


After the group took several shots, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi noticed a note from Danny. Please don’t trash the house. While preparing family dinner, a pregnant Deena asked Nicole to make her her “famous grilled cheese. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was determined to to break in the OG oven with its first Funfetti cake his fave , so he made one. Everything was going swell until they sat down to eat. Angelina Pivarnick asked if she could make a speech, and Vinny Guadagnino immediately said no.

The cast of “Jersey Shore” talks to Variety about reuniting, what’s different, People in the house don’t hook up with each other because obviously mostly everyone is married or in a.

Shortly thereafter, Vinny undergoes an anxiety-ridden ear piercing at the T-shirt shop, and Pauly announces that Vinny looks “fresh to death” the onlookers ostensibly concur. That night, after Pauly and the newly bejeweled Vinny heckle Deena for her denim-heavy attire, the crew ventures to Aztec. Meanwhile, Sam and Ronnie remain at home.

Sam apologizes for having texted Arvin and insists that their relationship is platonic; Ronnie accepts, and the two sleep together. Some time later, Pauly and Vinny reluctantly return from the club with a suboptimal selection of females. Vinny, pierced and assertive, eventually evicts the girls and attempts to drag Snooki across the floor to his bedroom, aggravating her and their inchoate romance.

But Sam interrupts their summit, and the house quickly divides along gender lines. As the episode ends, Ronnie discovers from Arvin himself that Sam has lied about the nature of her relationship.

10 Best Beach Towns on the Jersey Shore

Pauly, who looked as if he was in pain during the kiss last week, wants no part of hooking up with Deena and he dances with other girls and fakes sleeping when she tries to hop into bed with him. Even though the cast is in Italy, the cast needs to still have their traditional Sunday dinner. This endeavor quickly heads south as Deena and the crew aptly take note that everything is in a foreign language. Nothing gets by them! Upon their return to the villa, Sammi proposed that Deena and her cook dinner.

Juicier than ever, the wild reality drama is back in Seaside Heights as the rowdy crew — Snooki, The Situation, JWoww, Pauly D, Sammi, Ronnie and Vinny — returns to the shore, without Angelina, to mix it up with new roommate and Snooki BF, Deena.

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Who has tomorrow off? New Jersey, NJ Me:

10 Best Beach Towns on the Jersey Shore

Sample the fine cuisine of local Belmar restaurants, Downtown Belmar, Judging begins at 1: Welcome Spring with this comedy parade complete with over basset hounds.

But he was willing to hook up with her while she was dating Jionni. The whole thing was pretty messed up, which is sad because we all like to think of Vinny as like, the cute, pure Jersey Shore puppy dog.

The tale where the typical night out turns into an epic event for the ages. The Stone Pony is still home to insane bands and great drinks. Random celebs drop by to say hello or spin in the DJ booth and there is a massive pool in the middle of it all. Chicks in bikinis at two in the morning is completely normal.

Well, Barcade is the dream realized but way better than you ever could have dreamed it up. The back room is set for gaming — darts, foosball, pong, and even laughs. Every month, The Shannon plays host to WoW comedy night and features some of the hottest up-and-coming comics in the country. You can check them out before they break big or buy them a shot of Cabo Diablo if they happen to bomb.

What was the most batshit insane moment to ever happen on Jersey Shore?

Ever wonder where they are now? But just in case you are curious, we have compiled a list that will tell you all about where those eight Guidos are now, and how their current lives differ from what fans might have expected. Reality TV stars often fall into obscurity once their 15 minutes of fame is up, but what is the Jersey Shore cast up to today? Most of us tuned into Jersey Shore much like we drive past a crash – we know we shouldn’t look, but we just can’t help it, and then can’t look away.

Though the show only aired from December to December , to much of the world, its run seemed much longer.

Whenever Ronnie gets in a hot tub, a bad decision is right around the corner. 🙃 Catch an all new episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation TOMORROW at 8/7c on MTV!

The person behind most of the issues? Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, who moved back into the house with a terrible attitude and was looking to start problems. Snooki’s New Book Sammi and Ronnie, who are apparently still together despite his Miami antics, arrive at the house first and immediately cause trouble by picking the coveted upstairs room, which has three beds.

Everyone wanted that room, but no one wants to live up there with them can you blame them? The Situation arrives last, so he’s the one stuck in that Snooki arrives with Deena Nicole Cortese , the new roommate and replacement for the gone-and-hopefully-forgotten Angelina. She’s just like her pal – showing up drunk on the first day, calling herself a “walking holiday” and just being ridiculous. Everyone welcomes her to the house, except for Sammi, who isn’t acting very friendly and basically refuses to talk to her.

She also decides to revive her issues with Jenni “JWoww” Farley from last season, and then whines to Ronnie that she has no female friends in the house. Later that night, things heated up when Deena drunkenly tries to get Mike to cuddle. He rebuffs her, explaining to the camera that the first night is too early to get himself into a “situation,” and Sammi laughs at her.

Deena leaves the room, calling her names and telling everyone what happened. Deena goes downstairs and complains to the other roommates about Sammi and Ronnie.

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Stream: How To Watch Season 1, Episode 5 Online

Stock photo via public domain pictures. Now, at a time when New Jersey Transit NJT and PATH trains are standing room only during rush hour and cars remain bumper to bumper heading into and out of Manhattan during the mornings and evenings, some towns along the water could soon be served by commuter ferries again. The completed terminal would be located feet farther north along the Arthur Kill and is expected to be connected to the rest of the community by a free jitney bus transportation system.

Several miles south, plans are also in the works to restore ferry service to the bayside city of South Amboy.

Jersey Shore Locals has 1, members. A place for those that live, work and play on the beautiful Jersey Shore. No borders. Lets talk about the coast.

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Jersey Shore S.2 E.06 – “Snooki a couché avec Vinny”

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